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The question isn’t at what age to retire, it’s what income.

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Our Mission

At Retirement Planning Specialists – Midwest, LLC, our mission is to help educate and equip everyone to achieve the retirement of their dreams. We strive to make sure our clients know that if they live too long, die too soon or get sick in the middle, they have a map of their specific retirement wants and needs that addresses all of those challenges.

Meet Tressa Wasson

Tressa Wasson, Owner & Managing Member

Tressa graduated from Missouri State University with her degree in finance. After several years of employment with other registered investment advisory firms, Tressa decided she could best serve her clients by establishing Retirement Planning Specialists – Midwest, LLC. Tressa’s passion is to not only help her clients prepare for retirement, but also offer solutions to sustain their lifestyle throughout retirement. Tressa is an avid sports enthusiast and plays competitive slow-pitch softball in her spare time.

What We Do

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We empower you to navigate today’s complex financial world.

Educational Workshops

We hold retirement planning workshops throughout the Midwest.

Generational Vault

Our system keeps your financial information safe and secure.


“I Wish I Had Saved Less” – (Said No One Ever)

There is no magic save button we can press to help us save a little extra. Saving has to become automatic, second nature, and never-ending. We as a society, must relearn how to save even when we don’t have a specific event, item, or goal that we are saving for. Tressa Wasson, owner of Retirement Planning Specialists-Midwest, LLC and RPS Insurance Solutions, LLC has set out to help educate Americans on how to learn to save again. How to save early. Save often. Save more. Save efficiently. And save with help from an expert.

This book aims to help you stay focused, address any fears before they address you, and aid in finding the best financial professional for your specific scenario. There is no one size fits all when it comes to planning for your retirement.

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Our Services

Federal Employees

Retirement Planning Specialists – Midwest, LLC is dedicated to providing valuable information in regards to federal benefits as well as assisting federal employees in navigating those extremely unique benefits.

Income Planning

The days of relying solely on a pension and Social Security benefits appear to be long gone. In today’s volatile economic climate coupled with historically low interest rates, planning for retirement income needs is more important than ever.

Financial Planning

We provide comprehensive financial planning and investment advice here in the Midwest. Retirement Planning Specialists – Midwest, LLC uses innovative financial strategies, solutions and planning that can provide financial clarity and security.

Legacy Planning

Proper preservation and legacy planning is a cornerstone of any successful retirement plan. Ensuring your wishes will be respected and your loved ones taken care of is imperative.

Investment Management

It is our belief that no two investors are alike. In order to help each client meet their financial goals, Retirement Planning Specialists – Midwest, LLC implements a team-oriented approach to investment management within a client-focused culture.

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Seminars are 1.5 hours in duration

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By submitting your contact information, you consent to being contacted by our firm. Insurance and investment products and services may be offered. Retirement Planning Specialists – Midwest, LLC and its affiliates are not endorsed by or affiliated with any governmental agency. Any recommendations on federal retirement benefits are for information purposes only.

Do you know what color your money is?

Unfortunately, many people spend their time and energy focusing on how to accumulate a large retirement nest egg without giving much thought to first, what the purpose of their specific retirement assets are, and then how it should be invested. While accumulating your retirement assets is important, we feel that it is just as important to have your money in assets that represent the purpose as well as the risk or safety that you want.

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Meet Our Strategic Alliances

Michael Binger, CFA®

Gradient Investments, LLC

Jeremy Bryan, CFA®

Senior Portfolio Manager
Gradient Investments, LLC

Keith Gangl, CFA®

Portfolio Manager
Gradient Investments, LLC

Tyler Ellegard,CFA®

Portfolio Manager
Gradient Investments, LLC

his endorsement of Gradient Investments, LLC is provided by an investment advisor who refers clients to Gradient Investments, LLC.  A conflict of interest exists because this investment advisor receives a portion of the annual management fee charged by Gradient Investments, LLC, based on the assets under management of this investment advisor’s clients. This endorsement could assist in the investment advisor increasing the assets placed with Gradient Investments, LLC, and therefore their compensation. These investment advisors are not affiliated with or supervised by Gradient Investments, LLC.

Generational Vault


A virtual “safety deposit box” for our clients to upload important documents and view financial information. It comprises three dynamic components:

  • Including a secure portal to send and store confidential financial documents.
  • Daily investment and banking values.
  • Provides snapshots of financial assets and expenses to view.

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